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Sepura’s “landmark” next-gen launch

Sepura has revealed the SC21, its compact, next-generation, TETRA hand-held radio. The launch of the product took place at Critical Communications World (CCW), which is currently under way in Hong Kong.

The device features a variety of functions, inherited in part from the company’s ground-breaking SC20 hand-portable. It offers Class 3 RF transmission, alongside what the company describes as “exceptional receive sensitivity” allowing users to communicate in areas where other small radios lose reception.


Speaking of the SC21, Mark Barnby, Sepura’s head of product management for devices said: “Users told us that they had been looking for a compact radio that could be worn on a lapel or in a pocket. However, they had found that a smaller size often meant compromising on performance, usability or audio quality – something that’s unacceptable in mission critical scenarios.

“The SC21 is 25 per cent smaller than the SC20, yet its best-in-class audio capability, enhanced by unique water-porting technology, allows for uncompromised audio clarity, even in continuous heavy rain. The well-spaced keys and large, sunlight-visible screen – the largest on any TETRA hand-held – make it a highly functional radio. The small, streamlined case means it’s also easily concealed for discreet or fully covert use.”

He continued: “Importantly, the powerful TETRA engine inherited from the SC20 extends coverage, giving up to one extra wall of penetration – a factor that can make the difference between life and death in critical situations.”

Juan Ferro, Sepura’s chief commercial officer, said: “Today’s launch is a significant landmark. The SC21 is ideal for users looking for a smaller, lighter hand-held, with no compromise on performance.

“Its powerful combination of impressive functionality and real-world usability is testament to our responsiveness, and our desire to provide our global customer base with the very best products to tackle their daily operational requirements.”


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