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Huawei’s eLTE SafeCity wins the Future Technology Award at CCW2017

Date: 23rd May 2017
Topic: News
Author: Sam Fenwick
CCW, eLTE Industry Alliance, Huawei, LTE, TCCA

Huawei's eLTE SafeCity solution won the ‘Future Technology Award’ at Critical Communications World 2017 which was presented by the TCCA (TETRA and Critical Communications Association).


Phil Kidner, CEO of the TCCA (left) presenting the Future Technology Award to Peng Jianhua, president of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Business (right) at Critical Communications World 2017 in Hong Kong

The eLTE SafeCity solution features convergent command and encompasses end-to-end eLTE broadband trunking, broadband data applications, mobile video, wireless video backhaul, and accessory products. The solution forms part of a joint effort between Huawei and its partners to enhance global safety, aiming to provide global governments and customers with reliable and comprehensive end-to-end wireless networks that support service convergence, multiple sensors, and mobile police cloud.

It integrates voice, video, data, and geographic information system (GIS) services and accommodates surveillance, command and dispatch all in one network. The solution can incorporate existing service resources and integrate various types of communication networks, whether public or private, broadband or narrowband, wired or wireless. It includes cloud command solutions for numerous service types.

Huawei claims that the eLTE SafeCity (based on 4G and 4.5G) allows group calls to be set up within 300 milliseconds and a preemption delay of less than 150 milliseconds. The company can supply high-end, low-end, and mid-range trunking terminal series are available with various IP67-certified accessory products, such as earplug microphones, shoulder microphones, and body cameras. All products are designed to withstand harsh environment, all dust, moist and shock-proof. In addition, Huawei's eLTE eFEC solution for emergency command can be easily deployed within 15 minutes.

Huawei's eLTE-Licensed solution allows users to achieve video backhaul in moving scenarios even with speed up to 120 km/h. The solution enables rapid network construction and video backhaul for fixed, medium and low-speed scenarios.

Huawei’s eLTE-U solution is designed to be used in situations where more bandwidth is required than can be delivered over the licenced spectrum available. It features “inference immunity”, two-way authentication, and air interface encryption to ensure stable and reliable data transmission and makes use of compact all-in-one base stations. The company says that the combination of the eLTE-Licensed solution and eLTE-Unlicensed solution greatly diversifies the potential application scenarios of wireless video surveillance.

eLTE, with its open API interfaces, allows for interconnection with command platforms worldwide and the creation of an end-to-end video command solution. Multiple police applications installed on each trunking terminal can be connected to the central cloud database, increasing the efficiency of case management, identity recognition, and onsite enforcement. The standard eLTE mini PCIE wireless communication module is compatible with terminals produced by Huawei's industry partners, including the Aircam UAV, Hikvision inner-vehicle network camera, and Hikvision dome telecamera, enabling the solution to provide interactive mobile video surveillance. Fixed customer premise equipment (CPE) takes and transmits camera feeds.

The release of eLTE SafeCity follows April’s unveiling of the eLTE SmartGrid and the eLTE Smart Campus solutions at Hannover MESSE 2017 and the release of Huawei’s C-C4ISR Collaborative Public Safety Solutions suite at the Global Safe City Summit 2017, with the “C” standing for collaboration. C-C4ISR includes C-Command & Control, C-Communication, C-Cloud, cross-agent C-Intelligence based on big data, service-oriented C-Surveillance, and C-Reconnaissance, which can leverage numerous access technologies of various types of devices, such as IoT and drones.

Peng Jianhua, president of Enterprise Wireless Business, Huawei, said, "Broadband trunking has been recognised by the industry as the right way to drive digitalisation and informationisation in policing and its applications are available and commercially deployed on a large scale. By the end of the first quarter of 2017, eLTE broadband trunking has been deployed in [more than] 150 networks across 57 countries. At this event, Huawei officially releases the eLTE SafeCity solution with its partners. The solution meets both the B-TrunC and 3GPP standards, and supports long-term evolution..." 

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